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Danielle Troyan, Founder

I am a founder who struggled for years to develop my online offering. I needed someone I could trust who knew the business, had first-hand tech knowledge, and could lead a team to make my vision a reality. Devin is a person of integrity and the highest ethical standards. In less than six months, he brought Honor Tag to life. I can always count on Devin to listen, give an unbiased response, and keep the team (and me) focused and in alignment. 

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Ron Sheridan, Founder

Devin has been helping us transition from a concept effort to a fully functioning startup. Devin took the lead in making sure our entire product management efforts were well thought out, planned, organized and executed. As a result we were able to get our TopicHubs.com site live quickly and well within our cost constraints.

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Eunice Hooper, CEO

I found Devin’s approach to be eye opening from a non-developer perspective. I found he made the information really easy to understand and not intimidating. Very informative, easily applied and he was consistently supportive as we adjusted our thinking to dig deeper into testing and understand how to build the QA relationship. Our mentoring meetings have dramatically increased our understanding of good QA processes.

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Lisa Revelli, CEO

Devin was instrumental in helping to set up our business plan. He built some of the key components of our business and assisted us in defining our product roadmap. His knowledge of software product management and development processes are outstanding.