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Management Coaching

In today’s highly competitive job market, people are your most valuable asset. Building an organization with harmony and synergy will drive your company’s success.

We offer training and coaching for all levels of your organization. In group or one-on-one settings, we will partner with you to bring out the best in your team.

Colleagues at Work
Image by Paul Hanaoka

Agile Coaching

Many organizations are seeking ways to make their product delivery more streamlined and predictable. Agile methodologies can have a huge impact on improving products and the workplace. But where to begin?

We can work hand-in-hand with you to transform your business into an efficient, Agile organization. We can provide the tools necessary to implement a scale-able Agile program in your company.

Agile Certified by the Scrum Alliance.


Startup Consulting

Great ideas can be challenging to build a business around. Founders need someone who can focus creative energy and get things done quickly and efficiently.

At Total Kinetic Consulting, we know what it takes to start a business and can provide the edge you need to make your idea a winner.

Data on a Touch Pad
Image by Sean Pollock

Business Operations

Many business struggle to develop an effective operations strategy, leading to late or poor quality product delivery. Success or failure can often hinge on an organization’s predictability.

We will work with you to tune and standardize your business practices across all levels of the organization and make sure you are prepared for whatever may be over the horizon.

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