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The Value of Total Kinetic Consulting

At Total Kinetic Consulting, we understand the agile and dynamic nature of software development. Businesses need simple, practical solutions to complex problems.


Running a software business can be challenging.

We go hands-on and apply exceptional talent to complicated situations in order to deliver strategic expertise, apply proven product delivery models, and design custom solutions to transform your vision into reality.

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Our Services

Professional. Agile. Innovative.

Audience at a Performance

Management Coaching

Building leadership organizations with harmony and synergy


Danielle Troyan - CEO - Honor Tag

I am a founder who struggled for years to develop my online offering. I needed someone I could trust who knew the business, had first-hand tech knowledge, and could lead a team to make my vision a reality. Devin is a person of integrity and the highest ethical standards. In less than six months, he brought Honor Tag to life. I can always count on Devin to listen, give an unbiased response, and keep the team (and me) focused and in alignment.

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